The One Billion Lives platform is a new channel created by SAP and Social Enterprise UK that is dedicated to sharing stories from the world of social enterprise with the hope of inspiring future entrepreneurs and closer collaboration between social enterprises, governmental bodies, corporates, and consumers to change the world.

Parable was tasked with producing this global project, filming a number of incredible and inspirational stories from around the world in India, Philippines, Ethiopia, and many more beautiful locations. Social enterprises are changing business for the better and Parable is proud to have been a driving force of building brand content to help inform on the future of business.

The One Billion Lives platform has been designed to inform, engage and connect various members of the social entrepreneurship movement into action, including consumers, corporate buyers, workforce talent, corporations, and social entrepreneurs, among others.

The website hosts a range of content including; the ‘Gamechangers’ series that shares the personal stories of social entrepreneurs, and the ‘Impact’ series that explores different industries and the sector-specific issues social enterprises can help overcome.

You can also view the ‘One Life at a Time’ documentary which takes you around the globe to meet three 1BL Ventures social enterprises that are merging purpose, creativity, and technology to build innovations that could save lives. 1BL Ventures is SAP’s flagship social intrapreneurship initiative that gives employees the permission, time, technology and mentorship to turn their passion for making a difference into sustainable, income-generating ventures.

With more exciting content to come, Parable and One Billion Lives hope to stay at the forefront of social entrepreneurship content and everything it can achieve.