Adrenaline Addicts

4Studio / Channel 4

ADRENALINE ADDICTS is a new short-form factual series for Channel 4/4Studio. In each episode, 21 year-old urban free climber, George King-Thompson, experiences a different part of the UK’s extreme adventure scene; meeting other people who, like him, choose to carry out extreme, dangerous activities. George made headlines around the world in 2019 when he climbed The Shard in London without any ropes and was sentenced to a six-month prison as a result. His story was told in a previous short-form series produced by Parable, called The Boy Who Climbed The Shard, which has reached over 10 million views.

Featuring extraordinary footage of BASE Jumping, Bare Knuckle Boxing and Cliff Jumping, Adrenaline Addicts takes us inside these fascinating and often controversial worlds and as George meets other extreme risk-takers and seeks to understand their attitude to risk-taking, as well as his own.

The series was released in July 2021 on Channel 4’s social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram.

JDE Coffee: Barista Experience Screenshot - by Parable