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Branded Entertainment:
Engaging Audiences with Creative Storytelling

We create work for broadcasters and brands, and while the routes to production are very different for each, the quality they are made with and the value that they deliver are identical. At Parable, we understand that everything we create will reach a visually-literate audience accustomed to consuming high-quality and stylishly-made dramas, documentaries, and social content. Today’s audience expects content to deliver value, and branded content must surpass an increasingly high bar of engagement and impact to cut through the noise.

The Power of Branded Entertainment

This is where Branded Entertainment comes in: we believe that if you create content and communications to the same entertainment standards as broadcast television, you can deliver work of such value and quality that the emotional response it fosters in your audience becomes a key driver in building and nurturing brand awareness, and lifelong brand loyalty. By offering your audience something that matters, something that makes a difference to their day, you can gain their support and loyalty.

The Opportunity for Brands

Branded Entertainment offers your brand a twofold opportunity: to build and engage an audience, while simultaneously defining and deepening your own brand voice through the content you create. At Parable, we combine decades of experience delivering the highest quality factual programming to major broadcasters with our detailed knowledge of how to bring the biggest brands in the world to targeted and engaged audiences. We know what people want to watch, and we know how to make it in a way that integrates seamlessly with your brand’s values and priorities. Branded Entertainment is the perfect meeting point between what people want to watch and what you want to say.

Parable's Approach to Branded Entertainment

One Extraordinary Year: A Case Study

It’s very easy to talk about high-quality branded work that engages an audience, but what does that actually look like in practice? Our One Extraordinary Year project with Red Bull Media House is a perfect example of branded communications infused with broadcast-level quality and value.

In 2020, we began discussing with RBMH how best to leverage their Olympic roster in the midst of the pandemic. With elite sport at the heart of their identity, how could they continue to maintain consistent, quality communications during a year of almost no competitive sport?

We collaborated with RBMH to develop, cast, and produce feature-length documentary One Extraordinary Year. We told the story of six world-class athletes whose lives, careers, and training regimes had been turned upside down by the pandemic.

A Multifaceted Approach

Filmed around the world throughout 2020 and 2021, the film features US fencer Miles Chamley-Watson, Argentinian sailing duo Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza, British heptathlete Niamh Emerson, and beach volleyball players Anders Mol and Christian Sørum of Norway. Our core cast was surrounded by a chorus of other sporting talent who filmed themselves throughout the pandemic, including Wimbledon finalist Matteo Berrettini and pole vault world-record-holder Mondo Duplantis.

At every level of production, One Extraordinary Year was created with the expertise and sensitivity of an independent documentary, colored by the attitude, style, and bravery of Red Bull, all with the brand’s objectives and identity at its heart. The result was a feature documentary that, as well as being engaging to a Red Bull audience, cut through the brand’s own platforms and beyond, to an exclusive streaming window on Amazon.

Benefits of Branded Entertainment

Branded Entertainment is about strength of values, voice, and identity. It is a forum to connect with your audience at a deep level, but it is an environment where tone and personality, rather than product, are pushed. Our work with Red Bull is a perfect example of this, building the voice of a brand through the sportspeople it sponsors, and pushing brand presence through ambassadors who encapsulate its identity, rather than straight product marketing of an energy drink.

Branded Entertainment is exciting – by bringing value and entertainment to your customer, you can foster lifelong loyalty, deep brand understanding, and detailed brand awareness and advocacy. You can nurture an engaged collective of brand ambassadors, as well as learning more about your audience and yourself in the process.

Why Choose Parable?

With a true audience-first approach, branded entertainment can bring high numbers of targeted consumers (1.7m viewers in one week of our Channel 4 Berocca-funded documentary) and allow you to explore new ground. As experienced program-makers and brand communicators, we can translate and build harmony across this two-sided discipline, guiding you through the process and helping you to create the most powerful work possible.

We have the combined experience and contacts in both documentary filmmaking and branded communications; in one place you can benefit from our relationships with major UK broadcasters and SVODS, our connections with multi-award-winning directors, editors, and specialist crew, and of course our understanding of your brand.

With Parable, you will be collaborating with brand experts and award-winning, experienced, and specialist filmmakers. We are well-versed in bringing together your priorities and personality, alongside our knowledge and experience in casting for screen. We bring editorial craft, creative rigor, and detailed preparation to your communications, ensuring that the work does what you need it to do, and that it does so by being as engaging, dynamic, and stylish as possible.