Creative Services, Brand Communications, Film & Video Production in London I Parable


Highly respected research and recent studies show organisations that use stories to deliver explanations are more likely to be successful. Our team know how to spark imagination, hold attention and deliver work that earns engagement.


B2B Marketing

We move brand and product metrics with narrative-led video, events and live streams that deliver highly effective calls to action.

Projects include:

    • Purpose-led video campaigns
    • High impact videos for in person events
    • Presenter-led live-streamed shows
    • Emotive social video series
    • Promotional films, case studies and thought leadership films

Internal Communications

We help leaders use big company moments to capture attention, inspire teams and ignite action.

Projects include:

    • Global kick off events produced as ‘Saturday Night Live’ style, presenter-led, live streamed studio shows
    • Production of leaders’ keynote speeches and supporting content for major events
    • Film-led social entrepreneurship platforms and social campaigns for tech companies
    • Powerful user-generated films inspiring global workforces with authentic content

Branded Content & TV

Our stylish, popular TV shows and video content earn awareness, drive consideration and deliver suites of assets that populate all channels with high quality content.

Projects include:

    • A wide range of award-winning single documentaries and series for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Red Bull/Amazon
    • ITV-funded prime-time documentary behind the scenes of London’s iconic Madame Tussauds
    • Brand-funded prime-time documentary for Channel 4 with full suite of social assets for brand channels and in store activation