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Broadcasting Your Brand:
Internal Communications at the Core

Building a brand starts from the inside, with powerful and engaging internal communications that inspire, empower, and leverage your core brand advocates – your staff.

The Importance of Internal Brand Ambassadors

In many ways, our employees are our most important brand ambassadors – a foundational group of core brand advocates, people who understand and emulate our brand’s priorities, personality, and character, in the most central way possible. By inspiring and engaging our staff, we can leverage their passion, dedication, and brand affinity, spearheading growth and brand recognition on a wider scale, as well as making us more connected and present with who we are as a brand. 

Understanding the 'Why' Behind Your Brand

Many of us are familiar with Simon Sinek’s now world-famous TED talk ‘Start With Why’. In it, he unpicks how great leaders inspire action, and why understanding and embodying our ‘Why’ is the first and most crucial stage in creating a brand with lasting and far-reaching impact. Sinek demonstrates the ways in which brands like Apple and Nike have the space to reinvent and diversify their products: because their ‘Why’ is so strong, and so universally understood. 

It is one thing, as a founder, to understand our ‘Why’, to know what the undiluted essence of our brand should look and feel like. But, how do we scale that belief? How do we ensure that every client or customer who comes into contact with our brand gets the same experience, feels the same feelings, and truly understands who we are? How do we replicate and multiply that brand essence across an 80,000-person-strong employee network, ensuring that every single member of staff can fully understand and embody what we represent? How do we solidify a culture that is powerful, inspiring, unique?

The Role of Internal Communications in Brand Building

At Parable, we believe that successful and engaging internal communications are at the heart of building a brand. We are focussed on bringing together your core brand advocates with engaging and inspiring content and helping you to communicate a shared vision and focus. Internal Communications allows you to replicate that brand DNA across your organisation, allowing your most important messaging to be accessed and shared quickly and effectively, at scale, in the cross-cultural and cross-time-zone way that global brand building requires.

Our experience, as both skilled brand communicators and television producers, makes us uniquely positioned: we understand what matters to you as a brand; we are accustomed to the delicacy and detail required in accurately translating your brand messaging into communications. But we also have decades of experience crafting the highest-quality primetime programming to major broadcasters and platforms, from Channel 4 to ITV1, E4, and BBC Three. You don’t need to compromise on the quality of what you produce or on its faithful affinity to your brand priorities: we offer you the opportunity to prioritise both simultaneously. 

Applying the Power of Television Production to Internal Communications

By applying the mindset of television production, with story-led craft and audience-first sensibilities, we can create internal communications with real creativity that drives engagement, growth, and positive change.

Leveraging Filmmaking Expertise for Impactful Internal Communications

As filmmakers, we understand what makes people sit up and listen. We have decades of experience in creating the highest quality factual programming for major broadcasters. We are skilled in the art of storytelling on screen, and we know how to harness the power of television to change hearts and minds. This sort of thinking enables us to create content for brands that has the power and impact of TV – a powerful skill to bring to your internal company messaging. 

Whether we are making TV or crafting internal communications, we bring the same unwavering commitment to the craft of storytelling, and to truly audience-first, hyper-engaging content. As brand communicators, we have transformed meetings, events, and messaging into dynamic live and hybrid studio shows, cinematic on demand film content, and long-form Netflix-style documentaries for the biggest tech brands in the world. 

We have turned global town hall meetings into Saturday-night-live-style studio shows, complete with live music, celebrity hosts, bespoke set design and a rich and engaging running order spanning everything from company messaging to world-famous guests. We have taken dense and complex product showcases and turned them into dynamic and graphics-driven livestream channels, followed up by cinematic and stylish on demand film content. We have transformed keynote speeches into hour-long films of beauty.

Brandcasting - A New Approach to Internal Communications

We call this Brandcasting, because it involves taking your internal communications and distributing your messaging across your business through the language of broadcast – your brand as a tv show, as a film series, as its own channel. 

Brandcasting is a little different from ‘branded content’ or ‘branded entertainment’. Instead of using brand-adjacent values and stories to reach a consumer audience, Brandcasting takes your detailed, granular, and precise brand messaging and information (financial results, staff recognition awards, customer case studies, leadership changes, events) and translates it through the engaging language of television in order to reach and empower your workforce and key stakeholders.

Busiess people raising up their hand in event with speaker in front

The Power of Internal Communications in Brand Building

Internal communications gives you the power to unite and inspire the minds that shape your brand and build your organisation.

Embracing the Creative Potential of Internal Communications

For some reason, internal communications often get spoken about as being less exciting, less creative, and less engaging than external consumer-facing communications and content. At Parable we believe that internal communications can be the most exciting work you will ever create, because this is where you have the power to unite and inspire the minds that shape your brand, and build your organisation. We love the creative challenge of harmonising brand messaging with content, events and experiences that people really want to watch. Get in touch with us to find out how we can support you today – we would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Effective internal communications can benefit your brand in multiple ways. By inspiring and engaging your employees, you can create a team of brand ambassadors who understand and embody your brand’s essence. This, in turn, can lead to increased brand recognition, growth, and a stronger connection with your organisation’s values and goals.

Brandcasting is a unique approach to internal communications that involves translating your brand messaging into engaging TV-like content. By using the language of broadcast, you can distribute your internal communications across your organisation, making it more accessible, captivating, and empowering for your workforce and key stakeholders.

At Parable, we have extensive experience in both brand communications and television production. Our skilled team understands the delicacy and detail required to accurately translate your brand messaging into compelling internal communications. With our expertise, we prioritise both the quality of the content and its alignment with your brand priorities.

Absolutely! Internal communications have the potential to be just as creative and engaging as consumer-facing content. At Parable, we believe that internal communications can be exciting and inspiring experiences for your employees. By harmonising brand messaging with captivating content and experiences, you can create internal communications that people genuinely want to watch and connect with.

Parable can create a wide range of internal communications content tailored to your brand’s needs and objectives. From live and hybrid studio shows to cinematic on-demand film content and even long-form documentaries, we have the expertise to transform your internal communications into powerful, impactful experiences for your audience.