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Holland and Barrett

Our work with Holland and Barrett has played a critical part in their evolution and digital pivot away from the high st, establishing a presence in the wellness space online and via apps. Here’s what Parable did:

Branding Strategy: tone of voice work, customer insights and design to help launch them into the digital space.

Media content: the development, copywriting and full creation of over 100 digital assets from expert videos to explainers and infographics

Medical Experts: We researched and cast menopausal and gut health experts from across the UK. Nurturing relationships with them, we collaborated closely with the H+B health team on the detailed development of health advice across the content.

Mini documentaries: We created a mini-series entitled ‘My Menopause Mentor’. Telling the story of three women and their challenges with the menopause and their introduction to a mentor to help them guide them through their journey. This content was used online for H+B’s community building.