Would You Rather? - Parable
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Would You Rather?

Channel 4 engaged Parable to find a creative solution to reaching younger, hard-to-reach audiences via their social media channels.

We developed and produced a thought-provoking, playful and popular short-form factual format for Channel 4/4Studio, ‘Would You Rather?’.

Each episode focuses on two young people with strong and very different identities and ideologies who meet to discuss their experiences and to learn more about each other’s different lives. Across 28 episodes, the series has brought together people who are religious and atheist, binary and non-binary, rich and poor, Black and white.

The fourth series was released from March 2022, exploring asexuality, immigration, sex work, trans-racialism and more.

Would You Rather? went out across Channel 4’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat channels and reached over 25 million organic views on Facebook alone.