Unlocking Your Brand's Potential: Empowering Growth through Content Creation - Parable

Unlocking Your Brand's Potential: Empowering Growth through Content Creation

Our Approach to Content Creation

At Parable, we have a distinct point of view that defines our approach to everything we create. The seed of each project we create is an unwavering commitment to and understanding of your audience; the way we nurture each piece of content merges our combined understanding of filmmaking and brand voice; the work that we do engages and has impact.

In a media landscape flooded with noise, the concept of ‘content’ can feel woolly, ubiquitous, and hard to define – everybody is a content creator and everything is content; at Parable we make sure that what we create cuts through that noise.

Fusing Documentary Filmmaking and Brand Expertise

Our team brings together two complementary skillsets– we fuse decades of documentary filmmaking expertise with a detailed understanding of how to bring the biggest brands in the world to targeted and engaged audiences.

An Integrated Group of Hybrid Content Creators

At Parable though, these aren’t segregated teams with differing areas of expertise: we are an integrated group of hybrid content creators, seamlessly combining disciplines. We are skilled in the craft of repeatedly delivering the highest quality prime-time factual programming to major broadcasters; we are also experts in both internal and external branded communications. We know how to tell stories in a way that wraps harmoniously around your brand’s priorities, personality, and tone of voice.

Channel Agnostic Flexibility

The way that we work gives us the freedom to be truly channel agnostic at point of brief. We are able to devise multi-platform campaigns that live anywhere from social media to your own owned or internal channels, and even onto broadcast TV. This flexibility allows us to focus strategically on finding the most effective and high-impact route to get from your brand purpose, to your content output.

Strategic Involvement from Start to Finish

At Parable, we love to be involved as early in the strategic thinking as possible – this ensures that your content plan is coherent, narratively powerful, and creatively rich. We also love to be involved in what happens after delivery: if we can work with you to build a solid plan for distribution and amplification, we can ensure that we optimise for this at every stage of production.

What does Parable’s approach to content creation look like in real life?

Diverse Work with Madame Tussauds

What does ‘channel agnostic’ and ‘combined skillset’ really look like in practice? As an example, we can look at the diverse work we have done with one of Merlin Entertainments’ most iconic heritage brands: Madame Tussauds.

Brand Research and Narrative Project

We initially began working with Madame Tussauds on a research and brand narrative project, conducting extensive detailed research and holding multiple stakeholder workshops across the business to explore and redefine how the brand was understood and communicated internally. Our output was twofold: a deep-dive research piece, accompanied by a visually-rich piece of creative writing, distilling Madame Tussauds’ brand story.

Tone of Voice, Strategic Review, and Prime-time Documentary

Demonstrating the variety of our experience and expertise, this work led to three very different ongoing projects: a Tone of Voice piece, a future forecasting strategic review, and an access-all-areas 1 hour prime-time special for ITV1.

A Captivating Brand Journey

The incredible craftspeople at Madame Tussauds revealed for the first time the many painstaking processes involved in creating each figure, but also discussed their unique role in global celebrity culture as a ‘barometer of fame’. We explored many of the same topics and areas in each piece of work we did with them, albeit in very different ways and for very different audiences.

Seamless Integration of Brand Understanding

Each piece fed into the other, with our brand narrative and strategy pieces informing the brand knowledge and understanding that we brought to the documentary – likewise, the film production itself informed and crystalized our understanding of Madame Tussauds’ role and positioning.

Berocca Campaign – A Multiplatform Success

Another example of how our channel agnostic approach allows us to orchestrate coherent multiplatform campaigns, can be seen in the work we did for Berocca. As a part of their focus to shift brand perception from vitamin supplement to energy product, we leveraged our relationships with both broadcasters and media partners to build a campaign across broadcast and digital, following ex-special forces Ant Middleton on his first summit attempt of Everest. At the heart of the project was an hour-long Channel 4 documentary which received 1.7m views within a week of broadcast; surrounding the film was a combination of short-form digital content that was used to activate the campaign, as well as an immersive 360• experience filmed at Everest base camp and brought to customers at point of sale.

How can our approach to content creation benefit your brand?

Our truly channel-agnostic and audience-first approach to content creation ensures that time and energy is directed towards work that makes a difference, towards results and clearly-defined brand ambition. By partnering with us strategically as well as on content production, you have the opportunity to be in control of your brand voice, through content, in a joined up and impactful way. You will create work that you are proud of, work of real quality and depth, but also work that drives qualitative results.

Work with Parable to get broadcast-quality content that captures attention, engages audiences, and prompts people to act. Work with Parable to tap into the shared knowledge of a core team that brings together expertise in branded communications, broadcast PR, television, and social and digital content production. Work with Parable to bring your brand to life with narrative-rich storytelling designed to deliver maximum impact across multiple channels, from internal communications to major broadcast networks.

We are passionate about the process rather than being attached to a specific shape of output. This leads to focussed and targeted work that doesn’t lose sight of intention or purpose, and has maximum impact. We have decades of experience in getting under the skin of a brand, understanding its personality and character, knowing how its voice should sound and how that voice translates and communicates across a variety of mediums. We love what we do, and our clients’ testimonials are testament to the energy, life, ingenuity and effort that we dedicate to each and every one of our projects.

Here’s what our clients say

“I first met Parable about 4 years ago and we decided to start working with them as I just loved their passion, their creativity and the energy that they showed. So, we engaged them on a piece of work around brand narrative, and future innovation strategy, which then unexpectedly led to a prime-time TV series which was fabulous for the brand. Really enjoy working with them. They’ve understood our business brilliantly and the passion for my brand, Madame Tussauds, makes them feel more like an internal stakeholder versus an agency partner.”

Testimonial from Global Brand Director, Merlin Entertainments



“I’ve worked with Parable on a number of large projects at SAP now and although there are many, many reasons that I love working with Parable, I’d say the top one that comes to mind is that I feel like I’m working with the very best in the business when I partner with Parable on a project. Whatever question or need arises, I know that I’m in really good hands, that I’ll get a fast answer or great solution to anything that comes up. So, it’s a nice feeling of comfort and security that these guys are the best and they’re a real pleasure to work with, too. So, big fan of Parable – can’t say enough good things, and I look forward to a lot more great work together.”

Testimonial from Executive Marketing and Communications, Office of the Executive Board, SAP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Parable’s approach to content creation is unique because we seamlessly blend decades of documentary filmmaking expertise with a deep understanding of how to connect brands with targeted and engaged audiences. Our integrated team of hybrid content creators combines skills in both branded communications and prime-time factual programming, allowing us to tell compelling stories that align perfectly with your brand’s priorities, personality, and tone of voice.

In a media landscape flooded with content, we make sure that what we create cuts through the noise. Our channel-agnostic approach gives us the flexibility to devise multi-platform campaigns that live across various channels, from social media to broadcast TV. By focusing on strategic thinking and impactful storytelling, we ensure that our content captures attention, engages audiences, and drives results.

Yes, one such example is our work with Berocca, where we shifted their brand perception from a vitamin supplement to an energy product. We leveraged our relationships with broadcasters and media partners to create a campaign that included an hour-long Channel 4 documentary, short-form digital content for activation, and an immersive 360• experience at Everest base camp, reaching and engaging audiences across broadcast and digital platforms.

Partnering with Parable strategically and on content production gives you control over your brand voice through impactful storytelling. Our audience-first approach ensures that your content makes a difference, aligning with your brand’s ambition and driving qualitative results. By collaborating with us, you’ll create content you can be proud of, reaching and resonating with your target audience across multiple channels.

Parable stands out because we combine the creative values of a TV production company with the technical excellence and strategic brand knowledge of a content agency. Our team’s passion for storytelling and understanding of your brand ensures that we deliver broadcast-quality content that captivates audiences and drives action. Our clients’ testimonials speak to the dedication, ingenuity, and effort we put into every project, making us a trusted partner in bringing brands to life through narrative-rich content.